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Under The SON Outfitters

Under The SON Outfitters
Richard Meachum
704 East Drew Street
Plant City, FL 33563

Contact Info:
Phone 1: (813) 650-4831
Phone 2: (813) 363-9657


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The Osceola turkey lives here on the Central and South Florida only. It is similar to the Eastern sub-species found just above Central and North Florida, but Osceola Turkey is smaller and typically a darker shade with less white barring on the flight feathers of its wings. Specifically, the white bars on the Osceola Turkey are narrower than the eastern sub-species, with an irregular, broken pattern, and they don’t extend to the feather shaft. The black bars of the Osceola Turkey actually dominate the feather. Also of note, the secondary wing feathers on an Osceola Turkey also are darker. When the wings are folded across the back, the whitish triangular patch formed is less visible on the Osceola Turkey. At Under The Son Outfitters, we specialize in exciting trophy Florida Osceola Turkey Hunting! Book your Florida Osceola Turkey Hunt Today.